Cloud Operations Are Supported by Four Pillars.


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A ClouOps team often uses the principle of four pillars to establish solid IT performance processes and procedures: These are:

  1. Abstraction
  2. Automated provisioning,
  3. Policy-driven
  4. Process automation.

In abstraction, decouples administration from the IT management infrastructure, which indicates that a single pane can access networking, security, and storage instances. This centralized management technique enables cloud operations management of apps and services with a single tool, such as Apigee.

Automated provisioning is the second among the cloud operations pillars. Typically, an organization will handle the provisioning of network machine instances in one of two ways: self-provisioning or automated provisioning. Also, automated provisioning is more efficient because it allows apps to request more resources when needed and automatically de-provision them when they are no longer required.

The third component of the cloud operations pillars is policy-driven, and it managed the priority effort in a system. It helps in the development and implementation of regulations in the network. It is essential o prevent an application from over-consuming network resources in scenarios where the return from investment is nil.

Process Automation is the last cloud operations pillar. Provisioning, user management, cloud security operations, and API administration are all examples of automated procedures. This automation depends more on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cloud Operations advantages and disadvantages

The following are some of the advantages of cloud operations management:

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is less complicated than previous methods.
  • It necessitates fewer resources than traditional methods.
  • Many processes can be automated.
  • It can scale out and provision servers automatically.
  • An application’s infrastructure can be abstracted by a network.

However, Cloud Operations has several disadvantages:

  • On overprovisioned servers, it is possible to overspend.
  • It has limited authority access.
  • Cloud security operations issues might arise while using public network providers.

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