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According to a recent internet survey, security concerns, labour skill gaps, and inflexible legacy networks hamper innovation.

So, How Can Agencies Speed Up the Process of Information Technology Digital Transformation? MIRAT may have made some ideas so read on.

According to the poll, the most significant impediments to digitalization efforts are security concerns (47%), time limitations of the upgrade process (34%), workforce skills shortfalls (33%), too many competing objectives (33%), and inflexible old networks (33%).

Apart from financing, respondents to the poll identified numerous other components necessary for overcoming Information Technology digital transformation roadblocks. According to the research, 45% attribute it to an innovative culture, 43% to IT worker training, 41% to user groups for sharing best practices, and 41% to engagement with the private industry.

Agencies have recognized the critical role of cloud computing in advancing their Information Technology transformation service efforts. As per the data, 85 percent of respondents take a more holistic approach to cloud migration to facilitate digital service transformation. Additionally, 88% believe previous cloud investments aided them in completing their tasks during the pandemic.

In the future, 91% of respondents believe that digital service transformation is “critical” to creating a consistent citizen experience. Agencies are speeding up their technology transformation efforts by investing in several essential areas, including cloud (59%), machine learning (43%), open-source technology (37%), the Internet of Things (33%), and machine learning and artificial intelligence (331%). Information Technology transformation service is the future of the IT ecosystem.

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