How an Automated Ticketing System Saves Time & Money

Ticket Management

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About Ticketing Management

Ticket Management is part and parcel of the service desk in the IT industry. If there are any obstacles in service or fails to deliver the promised performance, it is important to restore or get back the service to normal condition as rapidly as possible. ITIL defined a ticket as an unplanned interruption or quality reduction of the IT service management. The Service Level Agreement(SLA) are agreed-upon service between the provider and customer. For example, in an automated ticketing system, a ticket is generated when a user’s computer breaks when the VPN won’t connect or the printer jams. Why because these are unplanned events must require help from the service provider to restore normal function. There are numerous Incident Management tools that exist for managing these issues and automating repetitive workflows in organizations for their IT infrastructure.

How Useful Ticketing Management System

The Following Are Important Factors To Consider The Ticket Management.

  • It is useful to increase efficiency and productivity in the Organization.
  • Provide utmost end-user satisfaction.
  • Users can get continuous service.
  • Get an alert based on priority.
  • Companies get issue resolution metrics.
  • Possibility to investigate the incident.
  • The escalation of the issue process is accurate, systematic, and saves time.

It reduces the workforce for escalating the issues.

MIRAT Ticketing System

How an Automated Ticketing System Saves Time & Money

The MIRAT Ticketing Management Or Incident Management System Is Useful In Several Ways As Follows.

  • Reduce the impact of unplanned costs and labor from business and IT support.
  • Reduce downtime of the business by early detection and resolving the problems.
  • You can recognize the potential areas for improvement in your business or organization.
  • Map the related incident and create a Major Incident.
  • You can easily create manual tickets.
  • Your team can use MIRAT with minimum or no technical knowledge.
  • Incidents can resolve automatically through the Self-Healing process.
  • Create Service Level Agreements (SLA) for auto-generated tickets.

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