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Wondering what IT asset discovery is? For the last several years, companies are moving towards an IT diversified environment that includes cloud, virtual, and mobile devices. The companies decided to make a commonplace for connecting or disconnecting the enterprise network. All these developments put a challenge in front of them to maintain and control the technologies in a most lucrative way. Network security is one of the most challenging tasks for them. It is somewhat difficult to control the malicious intruders into your network as the network is using different modes like desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Because of the advanced cyber threats, companies focused on their IT asset discovery. Therefore, many companies come into the market with the IT Asset Discovery Tools to help the IT companies.

How the IT Discovery Tool Works?

Generally, the asset discovery software provides the following services.

  • It diagnoses and resolves the problems.
  • Maintenance of resources.
  • Mitigate the security risks.
  • Avoid malware threats.
  • Eliminate unlicensed software.
  • Prevent commercial risks by not leaking their sensitive data.

IT Discovery implements are as follows.

  • It enhances the level of IT security.
  • Penalties are avoided by finding unlicensed software.
  • Easily learn about the software and hardware networks.
  • Keeps on a reminder to update your network.
  • Generate reports and procedures for tracking your resources.

How MIRAT Assets Discovery Tool Helps You Better.MIRAT Assets Discovery Tool

The MIRAT Configuration Database (CMDB) maintains the solution maps and IT resources in a single system of record for every asset in your IT infrastructure. You could rapidly configure and launch secure IT discovery tools of hardware, virtual, software, and cloud resources.


  • It supports Linux, Unix, servers, and non-IT devices.
  • Get an accurate inventory license and regulatory compliance and improve asset inventory management.
  • Handle IT asset discovery tools open-source with or without deploying agents.
  • Find out any IP-connected device.
  • Expose all hardware.
  • Align with most of the operating systems.
  • The capability of reporting, analytics, simple export, and simple publish.
  • Disclose the virtual operating system.
  • Automatically provide inventory details of the hardware.
  • It helps eliminate unwanted software by checking its licenses.

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