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Guess what? Outsourced security services are the new reality for enterprises of all sizes, and count MIRAT in for taking the game higher.

Hiring a managed security service provider (MSSP) has many benefits for a company’s security team. Your team may now focus on strategic security projects while MIRAT, artificial intelligence-based MSSP, takes care of your business environment on a daily basis.

Examine these 10 MSSP Mirat.ai advantages and spread the word!

1. Cut costs and increase efficiency

Mirat.ai managed security service provider gives you a team of seasoned security experts at a fraction of the cost of developing your own security staff. Consolidating all security technologies and solutions could be highly pricey. (Want a detailed breakdown? Write to us at sales@mirat.ai or give us a ring at +1-315-636-4213, and we can brief you in detail). MSSPs and security outsourcing is becoming more viable options.

2. Build a Team

Internationally established artificial intelligence-based MSSP gives any team an edge by helping the enterprise wherever and whenever needed. These SOCs give enhanced threat visibility and threat intelligence that smaller or regional providers cannot. Imagine a global security footprint for your employees this Christmas season.

3. Join the party

Mirat.ai detects both attempted or successful security cracks by monitoring, analyzing, and investigating malicious codes. Security Operations Centers provide 24/7/365 protection, incident response plan, and operational efficiency. Our software exercises its threat monitoring module to peep beyond the network and arrest attacks before they touch the network.

4. Rapid Incident Response & Event Analysis

In the event of a security breach, a managed security service provider with an incident response plan and Event Investigation capabilities will be unmatched. In this way, advanced assault groups and single-system compromises are prevented. An MSSP’s Incident Response team will immediately assess your situation and offer precise steps based on digital forensics and their experience addressing hundreds of crises literally.

 5.SIEM & Log Management

An organization’s security posture is monitored in many locations. A managed security service provider allows you to assess all data from a single perspective. An MSSP uses this data to compare it to a database of threat intelligence feeds and detect malicious activities.

6. SAM Relief

Organizations frequently buy new IT security solutions just to let them lie on the shelf, wasting money and not leveraging their potential.

Mirat.ai, the all-star MSSP, also integrates new safety assets with the latest patches, configuration updates, and reliability policy modifications because the more the merrier when it comes to dependability.

7. Track Advanced Threats

Malicious attacks like advanced persistent threats, advanced malware like Trojans, and viruses are becoming more complicated and high-end. An MSSP such as Mirat.ai assures sophisticated dependability technology and the latest threat intelligence to monitor and detect these critical and developing risks. You can swiftly implement an active threat protection program using an MSSP that includes Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

8. Manage Vulnerabilities Automatically

Successful safety requires regular usage of a vulnerability scanner to scan your surroundings. With an MSSP, you may get reliable internal and external scans of your IT network and databases. An automated vulnerability scanner by an MSSP minimizes resource needs and, consequently, IT operations expenditures.

These automated vulnerability scanners are deployed by certified specialists to ensure your results are actually actionable without false positives.

9. Managing Risk & Compliance

Regulators such as ISO, FISMA, etc., among others, ask the enterprises to check their compliance levels.

A highly accredited MSSP will protect your organization’s assets by extending its Risk Management and Compliance skills and certification. MSSP of Mirat.ai provides the enterprise access to researched and established risk management and compliance initiatives.

10. Get the Best Intelligence

True threat intelligence is only available from the greatest MSSPs. A highly qualified MSSP will have a threat R&D lab in many nations to continuously research sophisticated threats. In a genuine intelligence laboratory, an MSSP partner will detect and analyze global threats utilizing threat intelligence. Not to boost, but we have all these capabilities to be the real global MSSP your enterprise needs.

As you can see, outsourcing your reliability activities to an MSSP like Mirat.ai saves money, and time and provides a greater return on investment. An MSSP provided by Mirat.ai gives your company the strategic arm when needed.

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