MIRAT’s 360 Degree Monitoring

360-degree monitoring

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With so many modules integrated and interconnected, there should be a tool to have an eagle eye over the comings and going of data-the MIRAT’s 360 Degree Monitoring.

Our aggressive 360 network monitoring system, which we developed to assist us in detecting and correcting bottlenecks in our departing email dispatch network and measuring real-time outward-bound email distribution performance every minute of every day, is designed to assist in ascertaining and correcting bottlenecks in our outbound email delivery network.

In the classic sense, MIRAT’s 360 network monitoring checks to determine if servers are listening. However, the mere fact that a server is listening does not mean it performs its functions correctly or efficiently.

MIRAT’s Server Monitoring tool simulates an external user about any outgoing information through our systems. Each message sent by the detector is tracked throughout our entire infrastructure, all the way to the recipient’s email inbox. The application performance monitoring system serviced by MIRAT displays the precise time it takes to send each message, and if it detects any problems, it sounds alarms that point us to the specific piece of infrastructure that needs attention, allowing us to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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