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Have You Got Agitated Customers Queuing Up At Your Service Desk?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work in an environment free of tension? Unrealistic because stress is a part of everyday life, including the workplace. Try’s service desk tool to help you deal with not-so-happy customers! MIRAT is a revolutionary artificial intelligence-backed ITSM module that offers startups, enterprises, and medium businesses the opportunity to invest […]

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The Service Desk as IT’s First Line of Response

MIRAT tells you why an automated incident response plan is your best fallback bet. Why leave customers hanging for a feedback when you can automate the presence of your IT IR plan team. Read on to know more. Most service managements use incident management to resolve issues swiftly and get people back to work. Like […]

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ITSM and Service Desk Compatibility

Despite their critical role in IT customer productivity, less visible internal IT operations departments such as the IT service desk are frequently pushed to the back of the queue. Budget is the main restriction. Service desk managers must manage what they have better. They uncover efficiencies and add value by focusing on their existing people, […]

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