Top 6 Information Security Management Trends of 2022

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Even while many organizations would want to put the epidemic behind them, the logistical and technological modifications in IT asset management and configuration management that had to be made will continue to exist for years to come.

We can now see a peek of what the service request management space may look like in the coming year by combining current surveys from the previous year with views from industry revolutionaries and leaders. ITSM trends to watch for in 2022 include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the optimization of processes already in place.

Top 6 Information Security Management Trends of 2022

Trend 1

In 2022, increased service desk efficiency will be required under incident management due to financial concerns (connected to the pandemic).

After the epidemic, many companies saw a decline in sales, and as they recover and grow in 2022, they’ll likely need to focus on cutting costs. Perhaps the focus is on broad cost-cutting measures. Keeping in mind the dual focus of the IT service desk is essential here. The average cost of a service ticket under service request management in the realm of IT support operations would be a good place to start (and the need to exploit self-service opportunities). Another factor to consider is the role IT assistance plays in enhancing staff productivity, which is expected to be critical in 2022.

Trend 2

In 2022, IT service desks must prioritize employee experience above everything else, and cloud-based applications will be an added advantage. 

In the previous few years, a lot has been written about IT service continuity management and the employee experience. IT performance was critical to how distant workers were able to function in the wake of the worldwide pandemic—and may continue to be—in the wake of the epidemic (not to mention return-to-office strategies). Expect the importance of employee satisfaction and productivity to rise in 2022. There are interesting considerations regarding how to cut IT support expenses like enterprise service management without negatively impacting employee productivity, which this raises. In addition, it’s important to consider whether the investment in IT assistance pays for itself in terms of increased staff productivity. Finally, we come to the importance of SLA management in IT service desks. 

Trend 3

Under problem management, service desks must demonstrate the value that they deliver to their customers and clients.

When it comes to dealing with IT difficulties and failures, IT service desks have traditionally been seen as a cost center. A company’s attention, not just that of its IT department, has shifted from what things cost to what they create, even though IT service desks do much more than just address IT problems (which, of course, are still partly dependent on cost). This concept of service-desk value must be defined in terms of business value, not IT value, in order to be meaningful. A service desk’s operations and outcomes need to be linked to what its clients consider valuable in 2022 if they haven’t already.

Trend 4

It will be easier for service desks to consider and benefit from ITIL 4 in 2022.

Accordingly, the necessity that service desks prove their worth will aid in ITIL implementation (given that ITIL 4 is built around the concept of value co-creation). As a result of a lack of time and resources, IT departments could not take advantage of the extensive guidelines in ITIL 4 service desk issued in February 2020. As of 2022, more service desks will finally focus on ITIL-4-related changes.

Trend 5

A rise in clever automation capabilities for IT support is expected. 

In 2022, intelligent automation – particularly machine learning – will begin to take a more prominent role in IT service desk operations. As a result of automation, service desk analysts may focus on higher-value tasks, such as better decision-making insight. Using intelligent automation in IT support is now possible in a wide range of use cases, but this will only increase in scope as the needs of both employees and customers continue to expand financial management.

Trend 6

IT service desks will have to grapple with financial management, a ticking time bomb for the foreseeable future: employee well-being. These are the essential assets in the service management framework.

As for information technology asset management, it doesn’t matter how many surveys are done, and IT firms still have a problem with the well-being of their employees. In other ways, the global pandemic benefited — for example, IT service desk professionals were praised for their hard work in preserving business continuity despite the added strains on IT. However, the IT business still has a problem with employee well-being because of the inherent pressures of IT support.’s IT Infrastructure Management is Affordable & Easy to use! Get your Dashboard ready in only 5 Minutes. Request for Trial/Demo now (or) Contact our Team Now .

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