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Thousands of brands vie for customers’ attention every day, with only great customer service standing out. It’s imperative to give the desired experience quickly. View eight proven techniques to enhance user service response time.

So, how long does it take for a

The time it takes to respond to a user support inquiry. No automated responses. Average response times vary by industry and consumer contact channel.

Quicker Customer Service Response Time

  1. Set up an automated response to inform users of a return. An automated email answer confirms your email question. Automatic answers are scripted email templates that provide zero value or attention to the received inquiry. MIRAT customer support assists in the same. Users need to see a valid effort first-hand. Nor are they counted as first responses. An automated response should have a message which says the IT has received their email and is working on it. If possible, give some self-resolution tips like reboot or restart as this offers assurance.
  2. Adapt canned responses to a Wide Range of Tickets Pre-formatted answers to frequent inquiries. Use event logs and support data to create prefabricated replies for standard tickets. MIRAT customer support assists in the same. Default email templates are typically unsuitable due to a lack of customization. By decreasing the number of steps required to resolve an issue, you can optimise time and money for your consumers.
  3. Prioritize Tickets: Attending tickets as they come is not ideal. Every ticket counts and maintains customer relations. Not all tickets are urgent. It’s counterproductive to treat every ticket as critical. Sort your tickets by urgency, complexity, and impact.
  4. Use an Omnichannel Strategy to Distribute Support: The main benefit of omnichannel assistance is that it allows users to choose their preferred channel and maintains customer relations. Prefer not to call an agent? That’s OK. Need help now? They can use live chat. According to a survey in 2020, 75% of users reported that fast response time was measured as the most essential customer support attribute.
  5. Automate Support Tasks to Save Time: No automation can lower user’s response time. Automating recurrent user care operations will significantly reduce response times. Changing a ticket’s status, prioritizing it, alerting users, and conducting follow-ups are manual processes. You can automate these steps and conserve time for each new access. By eliminating manual tasks, automating your support desk tickets can help you save money per ticket.
  6. Self-service Knowledge Base Reduces Ticket Volume: A recent poll found that clients prefer a helpful information base to phone conversations. Users don’t always want to need to contact customer support. They enjoy being led to the responses.
  7. Use Chatbots for 24/7 Support: To respond quickly, you must be alert for any inquiries. That’s impossible for a time-limited support crew. Luckily, options exist. You can employ a chatbot to respond to tickets received late at night, on weekends, or on holidays. Using rapid replies, inline material, and knowledge base, and help desk integration, chatbots can deflect up to 70% of regular tickets.
  8. Set realistic goals and monitor response time: It is not rocket science, nor is it difficult to link the emphasis of quick response times and exceptional customer relations together. According to a survey, 31.2% of clients want a response in an hour or less. This is a huge gap and responding to the user queries faster than your competitors will set you apart.

Seamless Self-Service Empowers Your Customers and assures higher agent productivity.

Now we’re even more motivated to keep providing world-class service automation. So that our client’s IT teams work smarter and not harder.

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