Why Is Asset Management Important in a Hospital Set-up?

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In a hospital setting, apart from state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, one more factor helps patients receive the proper care and treatment at the right time- The hospital asset management system. Mirat.ai outlines why and where hospital asset tracking systems can be used to yield the best results.

Many hospitals and healthcare providers are using digital hospital asset tracking to save time. But they should also use hospital asset management solutions like that of Mirat.ai for effective asset tracking.

We’ve outlined five principal areas where hospital asset management software can help both healthcare providers and patients. Mirat’s hospital asset tracking software can help improve patient care, increase staff productivity, and save costs. Apart from helping in providing excellent treatment and care, the management also takes care of the medical waste disposal, which is a crucial part of the hospital setup.

  1. Improved patient healthcare: Effective use of hospital asset tracking software Improves Patient Care in Every healthcare organization. Sadly, trained healthcare personnel is often distracted by unrelated responsibilities, jeopardizing this high level. Tracking down lost goods and dealing with unexpected maintenance. These concerns can affect patient treatment, wait times, and bed availability. However, a hospital asset management system ensures that resources are accessible to both patients and healthcare professionals. Having a system also helps manage inventories and orders. This saves time and allows healthcare providers to spend more time with their patients.
  2. Productivity: According to a NursingTimes.net survey, almost 30% of NHS nurses in the UK spend over an hour per shift looking for equipment. This not only costs roughly £900 million annually but also takes nurses away from patient care. A system in place makes resource tracking simple. This saves time for doctors and nurses. Also, maintenance and equipment downtime is planned much more efficiently, increasing production. This reduces disruption and allows maintenance to be done at night.
  3. Asset management: Now, this healthcare software can help save a lot of money because manual management can cause errors while the coded and automated system has little to no error. Effective management can analyze data and trends to plan future expenditures. Maintenance planning also helps you better coordinate orders and inventory. So you can save money through economies of scale and bulk purchases. Preventing resource loss can also save a lot of money. Some hospital asset tracking systems allow you to be warned, which decreases the danger of theft and the cost of replacing stolen goods.
  4. Getting accurate asset reports can provide valuable insight: Most healthcare software focuses on compliance and reporting, making audits and data easier to track. This simplifies decisions about resource lifecycles, maintenance, and regulations. It also makes providing data for inspections and management meetings easier. Manual recording and management methods only capture data that someone remembers to record. Rather, it is more efficient to record precise data automatically.
  5. Improve Medical Waste Disposal Management: Hospitals have a higher responsibility for sanitization when it comes to disposing of medical waste. This trash must be safely disposed of to avoid harming persons or the environment. This waste can be pharmacological, biological, chemical, or radioactive.

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