MIRAT is an End-to-End IT management solution to assist small and medium companies and even startups in reducing the number of integrations & complexity by eliminating repetitive tasks with affordable and cost-effective price.

MIRAT is a software capable of providing the packaged tools under one license offering centralized self-service capabilities with No/minimum staff and remote monitoring capabilities that presently no other competitor is able to serve.

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Supporting wide range of infrastructure products is critical in modern enterprise that requires diversity of technical and sometimes business skills available in support organization.
Unfortunately, “Universal Soldiers” are quite rare in technology organizations resulting in excessive hiring to cover niche products.
Lack of automated support tasks (example: Provisioning, Triage, Analytics and etc.) not only contributes to the need of additional support personnel but increases risk of human errors executing those tasks and prolongs product releases.
There are less products in the market which address all these challenges from a “single console” and yet inexpensive and simple to operate.
Rapidly changing technology-needs require support tools to be capable of accommodating new requirements as they arise.

MIRAT Offers:

Digital: Workflow for repetitive tasks get ready in a minute.
Futuristic: Parametric database driven workflows.
Insightful: Considers 95th percentile Trend Scorecard.
Predictive: Predicts failures to offer deep insights with predictive analytics.
Automation: Eliminates human intrusion.

MIRAT helps you to boost your IT Infrastructure Management:

Security, Auditing and compliance: Access Validation, Vulnerability management, Baselines & Hardening (IDOM Potency), Access Request Management, Asset Mapping Access request.
Monitoring: Operating System, Hardware, Hypervisor, Network, Storage, Application, Database Log Management.
Event Management: Event Management and Correlation, Maintenance mode, Auto ticketing.
Automation: Automation as a service (AAAS), Triage Live Poll, Self-Healing, Orchestration, Workload Automation.
Insights: Operating System Insight, Application Insight, Database Insight, Performance Capacity & Analysis.
ITSM Suite: Incident Management, Change & Release Management, Work Request Management, Asset Management.

Why Choose MIRAT:

Challenges: Issues or downtime in IT Infrastructure can lead to huge loss in productivity which eventually affects Revenue. Need of the hour is to develop responsive systems to bridge the gap between Operations & Business.

Most of the tools are facing integration issues to establish closed loop because of multiple licenses.
Elastic SLAs.
ROI-Repetitive tasks automation SLA more than 3 weeks, partial diagnosis due to dependency on multiple tools & Integration issues.
Dependency on vendor teams to automate day-to-day tasks and current tools-set not supportive to enhance it resulted CIOs taking the decision to cut the FTEs rather resolving existing problems.
Data leakage due to extra privileges.
No control on script executions.
80% of human logins to productions are too risky.
Hybrid migration may challenge by using existing tool sets.
No accurate CMDB cause duplication on number of tasks.
No forecasting cost analysis for problems resulted a greater number of outages in environments.
80% of incidents are non-actionable and generated from 20 of human intrusion.
40% of tasks are hidden human tasks.

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