RPA (Self-Healing)

Novel’s MIRAT has introduced self-healing tool which allows incidents self-heal without raising a request. The Self-Healing engine has the ability to detect and resolve problems automatically. It prevents manual intervention on monitoring issues. It helps the organisations to perform better operations management.

Self-healing helps for utmost utilization of infrastructure by way of finding and fixing the issues. The work speed improves as all teams get consistent feedback from the incident management and monitoring tools. There is a perfect co-ordination among the teams. The self-healing can be utilized at application, system, and hardware level. Most of the Administrators and Developers have no time to spend on monitoring as they are busy with their tasks.

Key Features:

The execution happens through API Calls (Micro-services)
Configure any number of rules as per your requirements.
It fully supports REST API calls.
There is a parametric workflow.
In case failing self / auto healing, immediately those incidents are informed to the users.
You can fully manage the automation process.

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