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Novel’s MIRAT has a unique feature that you can find one asset problem through another asset and resolve from the asset where you are in. For example, you resolve another operating system problem from the present working operating system. You can find differentiation between the existing system and MIRAT triage system.

Current Triage Edge:

For every Incident, engineer directly logins to the production server for all repeated tasks.
No control on individual batch scripts as these are developed in custom manner and no proper mechanism to validate every change in the code.
For each task engineer creates his own script and stores in private location.
These individual batch scripts aren’t shared to the entire organization causing duplication of efforts as another team member is not aware.
Access from any browser through a centralized administration control Panel.
It mandates to use Standard ID and Elevated ID’s and mitigates human mistakes as it restricts direct login to the production systems.
It empowers resource capability and speed up the resolution.
Helps to avoid duplication of scripts within the Organization.

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