Vulnerability Management

MIRAT Vulnerability Management (VM) is a process of identifying vulnerabilities in the IT Infrastructure. It scans your entire IT infra to check unwanted software existing and provides live status for the Administrator to take an appropriate immediate action. Vulnerability scanning is a simple process under vulnerability management which suspects risk and provide live information for remediation of risk.

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Feature List:

MIRAT can make a comprehensive assessment of assets with its active scanning on the entire IT infrastructure.
Dynamically track all assets and their vulnerabilities.
Provides a comprehensive streamlined data on vulnerabilities.
Continuous monitor based on tuning the time-line.

Benefits of MIRAT VM Tool:

Use MIRAT proprietary analytics to identify and prioritize risks.
Track vulnerabilities over a period of time, assign tickets, and manage implementations & executions.
It eliminates blind spots with its most comprehensive and accurate scanning.
Boost your productivity by removing unwanted software from your servers. It speeds up your systems.
Provides the detailed information to take immediate action and therefore avoid maximum risks.

MIRAT VM Engine scans the following.

IP forward Detection
LDAP Detection
Limits Configuration
RSHD Services Detection
Samba Detection
TCP Wrappers Detection
Telnet Services Detection.
TFTP Service Detection
USB Detection
XINETD Service Detection
YPSERV Service Detection
Account Inactive
Permit Root login
Selinux Status
SSHD Protocol
Unnecessary Account

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