How Does Automation Improve Businesses Operations?


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AI brings the game home! MIRAT explains how current strides in Information Technology operations automation are helping businesses boost profits.

Automation Everywhere welcomes technology that works alongside humans, rather than in place of them, to improve reliability, profitability, and innovation in the Autonomously Digital Enterprise. By leveraging advanced technologies across data, workflows, apps, and technologies, you can execute with increased speed and accuracy, reduce costs, and grow performance safely.

The Autonomous Digital Organization is a vision of the future state of business in which agile, consumer, insight-driven organizations change their performances to survive and prosper in the face of relentless disruption. Information Technology operations automation Across the Enterprise is one of five technology-enabled concepts that catalyze and sustain automation in Information Technology operations.

Aspects of Current Business Challenges:

Fifty-four percent of respondents to a recent survey identified inconsistencies as the impetus for implementing service operations automation technology. MIRAT shares some other factors that contribute to the demand to automate business operations:

  • Multi-party enterprise setups that are not governed or in conformity with applicable regulations
  • Inadequate integration and coordination of IT workflows across mainframes, on-premises systems, and private/public clouds
  • Inadequate decision-making as a result of misaligned, erroneous, or incomplete data
  • Incoherent, laborious, inexact, and delayed processes and channels of communication
  • Information technology procedures and systems are siloed and cannot link and contextualize relevant data. MIRAT thinks otherwise obviously!
  • Disparate planning and control of IT capacity and costs

The Contribution of Technology-Here comes from AI

Service operations Automation Everywhere enables data-driven business choices, improves quality, eliminates unnecessary manual labor, empowers people, and optimizes IT resources through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. MIRAT has capitalized on this and has  leveraged automation in Information Technology operations by combining it with employee skills which resulted in the following:

  • Observability, analytics, and visualization powered by AI across apps and infrastructure improved.
  • Identify, create, and automate business operations.
  • Simplify machine-to-machine communication and data performance management.
  • Capability for both proactive and reactive remediation.
  • Increased the speed with which applications were delivered, deployed, and configured!
  • Reduced operating expenses, improved performance, and facilitated innovation efforts.

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