Is Your It Team Ready For The Hybrid-work Challenge?


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COVID has been a game-changer for every industry. Road maps for businesses never had a pandemic clause because no one dream of an emergency situation on such a large scale. Read on to know what MIRAT thinks can help businesses in the present & the future, by pulling all stats of the past. 

The resurrection of businesses isn’t the only goal! The agenda is to stay afloat seamlessly in spite of malware attacks & pandemics. Is your IT team ready for the hybrid-work challenge? 

Technological advancements and evolving networking concepts are continually shaping our IT infrastructure. Networks are no longer constrained by traditional networking constraints, such as their static nature, but are constantly developing to maximize efficiency across connected, wireless, virtual, and hybrids IT systems. This IT evolution pushes businesses to innovate digitally and satisfy computational requirements to achieve their business objectives.

There is no doubt that a sophisticated IT infrastructure enables firms to satisfy their computing requirements successfully. 

Networks become complex: monitoring strategies become more complicated!

With a plethora of business operations and essential procedures reliant on the IT infrastructure, your IT team wants a network monitoring solution to provide a comprehensive view of your network’s performance. With a variety of network monitoring solutions on the market, it’s critical to select one that optimizes your network’s performance.

Visualize your network’s coverage from end to finish

Your network monitoring solution’s troubleshooting efficiency maintains effective network performance and health. A network node operation may require resources from all of your IT environments, including wired, wireless, cloud, and hybrid. Given the increasingly fragmented nature of today’s IT infrastructures across networks, your network management solution must enable you to observe end-to-end network coverage.

Analyze critical metrics in detail

IT upkeep and technology procurement can be prohibitively expensive for enterprises with vast IT systems and expanding networking requirements. A smart practice is to implement network monitoring systems that include pre-configured reports that summarise various network performance parameters.

Streamline your network monitoring operations by centralizing them.

Network operations are complex, and relying on disparate technologies is inefficient and costly. Correlating data from diverse sources to gather high-level information and valuable performance indicators is a time-consuming process fraught with errors and software application concerns.

Routine network monitoring duties can be automated.

Network discovery, the creation of monitoring profiles for detected devices, and the identification of emergent concerns are amongst the most time-consuming processes associated with observing complex IT environments. As networks grow in size, network administrators frequently face challenges identifying, classifying, and configuring monitoring for recently introduced network devices, performing repetitive maintenance chores, and running preset tasks in the event of a network failure. A remote monitoring solution that automates these procedures can assist your IT team in saving time while monitoring and managing IT operations effectively.

Expand your intrusion prevention solution proportionately to the size of your network

As networks expand, they add users, hardware, and graphical interfaces, and your IT team has the process of keeping optimal network performance. Scaling a network introduces several difficulties, including infrastructure blind spots, malicious agents, and resource overconsumption. A fantastic remote monitoring solution that is incapable of scaling with your network is useless. It is critical to select a scalable solution that integrates easily with your traditional network’s architecture. MIRAT’s intuitive and comprehensive network monitoring solutions provide various advanced functionalities, such as agentless and agent-based monitoring, that enable you to extend your solution in lockstep with the growth of your network. This enables your IT teams to avoid a variety of network-related difficulties generated by network vulnerabilities and to maintain optimal network performance.

MIRAT: An all-in-one network monitoring solution for sophisticated information technology infrastructures

Are you looking for a network monitoring solution that will streamline IT operations administration and improve performance? Consider MIRAT—a comprehensive network performance monitoring solution powered by AI that helps you acquire detailed visibility into your available bandwidth. This dependable network monitoring solution has the following features:

  • End-to-end network monitoring in real-time, with over a thousand built-in performance monitors! 
  • A centralized dashboard offers extensive remote monitoring from a unified platform, ensuring complete network monitoring even across disparate networks.
  • A comprehensive solution with various visualization options that enables you to quickly delve deeper into the source of network problems.
  • Proactive monitoring of faults with multi-level thresholds and rapid notifications.
  • Numerous detailed and accurate network indicators that aid in the proper evaluation and auditing of network performance.
  • A complete network monitoring system that is both economical and simple to install.
  • A seamless integration mobile application that offers on-the-go network monitoring!’s IT Infrastructure Management is Affordable & Easy to use! Get your Dashboard ready in only 5 Minutes. Request for Trial/Demo now (or) Contact our Team Now .

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