What Is The Role Of The Performance Metrics Tool In IT Asset Management?

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Performance metric tool in IT asset management is the key factor that helps businesses identify the most important factors essential to improve work improve. The role of this function is to provide the right image of business management to the stockholders or decision-makers. Learning the right function and importance of such tools is essential to track asset management ITSM.

Incredible focus is required while incorporating some of the best ITAM tools to effectively track and manage an organization’s hardware equipment efficiently.

Any IT organization spread across the globe has numerous IT hardware which needs to be kept on track. These types of equipment need to be timely monitored and improved. This is where the asset management ITSM function of MIRAT’s ITAM comes in handy. MIRAT ITAM tool provides the most significant and poignant metrics system that tracks timely reports of developments of IT hardware across the organization.

MIRAT’s  ITIL asset management tool provides the following data about any IT appliances in the IT ecosystem at any given point in time:


While tracking these appliances across the IT environment or merging new hardware or software to the existing ones, agents in ITAM are used to automatically accomplish the tasks. These agents not only can view all machine processes but also track their details. These agents are installed at each endpoint to perform the necessary tasks. This ITAM tool of MIRAT provides the origin of these equipments.

CPU Usage

CPU processing time provides details of how a processor was shared between computer programs. A higher CPU usage of a processor may denote that it demands more processing power to function smoothly. Moreover, whenever the CPU usage increases, it slows down the user interface which may further result in the crashing of multiple processes and applications running on that server. Apart from this, a high CPU usage may cause issues like high memory utilization which causes the server to go down. These metrics are provided by the ITIL asset management tool of the ITAM software.

Date & Time

MIRAT’s ITIL asset management tool also provides the time and date of creation of the incident in  ITAM. Apart from this, the tool informs the user about the time required for restoring the issue and the interval duration of the creation of the incident and resolution of the same incident. This function keeps track of the time spent on restoring hardware or software in IT.


The ITAM tool also provides the processor (CPU) information in graphical representation along with CPU usage time. Graphs of various types – pie charts, line, or bar charts give the processor runtime details. This function gives details of the processor’s role and function in a manner that is quantifiable. This information is further used to improve the processor’s operations.


The IT asset management tool gives options to choose from server or network (depending on the requirement) and generates charts accordingly. While network option in the ITIL asset management tool tracks, assesses and detects network performances, a server asset management ITSM tool does the same for various servers.

Top 5 Processes

The ITAM tool gives details of the top 5 processes in IT asset management such as efficiency, productivity, the effectiveness of systems, and more. These processes help the incident manager evaluate the performance of hardware at every stage and improve competence at work.

In ITAM, behavior, activities, and performances are measured through the ITIL asset management tool. The data provided by several functions of this asset management ITSM tool assists businesses in improving work efficiency and reaching their company goals.

In ITIL, KPI (key performance indicator) is a measure of the functioning of various IT hardware and software in a quantifiable manner over a period of time. These KPIs are essential to provide goals for employees and set landmarks to achieve which in turn provide the perception of growth in the day-to-day tasks and activities.

KPIs are considered paramount in the IT environment as they trace improvements and execute changes whenever and wherever necessary. IT infrastructures use KPIs in a systematic arrangement to set specifications that will be used to quantify the operations.

MIRAT ITAM tool detects, evaluates, and tracks performance for the efficient functioning of businesses. Contact MIRAT today and request a trial/demo of MIRAT tools to understand the services better.


What is IT asset management?

ITIL software asset management is the process to track, update, and organize the software in an IT ecosystem and work towards its efficient functioning to meet business goals. This process makes sure that the essential items that are part of the IT environment are taken care of and function smoothly. This function is important for IT professionals as it allows instant access to information about IT hardware or software whenever and wherever it is deemed necessary. In ITIL controlling and organizing such hardware and software is required for the smooth delivery of services to customers or users.

What Is The Difference Between CMDB And Asset Management?

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is used in Information Technology Infrastructure library for controlling, discovering, and tracking the relationships between IT equipments. While a configuration item is an entity or thing, assets have an intrinsic value. In CMDB hardware or software are a part but function as configuration items. However, the same hardware or software in ITIL are standalone entities with their own merits and upsides. CMDB is an information storehouse whose main function is to find, control, and keep a track of the engagement between IT hardware and software and their individual dispositions.

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