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Knowledge management entails data mining and some technique of pushing information to users. Knowledge management software examines the company’s goals and the instruments available to meet those goals. Finding a knowledge management system that fits the overall plan and motivates employees to use it and exchange information is a challenge.

What is knowledge management’s goal? 

Organizational efficiency is improved, and information is saved in an easily accessible form with knowledge management software. MIRAT seeks to provide the correct information at the right moment by:

  • Collecting and arranging information for specific business needs and projects to improve the knowledge management system

  • Sharing information with others;

  • Upgrading processes and technology to make information more accessible;

  • Fostering a new data generation for lifelong learning.

Organizations can break down silos by putting data in a central location that is known to authorities and accessible to all employees. As a result, a corporation handles its information management system wisely when employees leave.

What is a Knowledge-centered service (KCS)?

Knowledge-centered service occurs when support teams give real-time customers, the system, or employee support while also creating and maintaining documentation.

What does this look like?

It varies depending on the ITSM practice. Each time an agent handles a service request, they check the knowledge base management system to determine if a repair is already documented.

What happens when the steps are changed or the current document taken for analysis is confusing?

  • Well, an automatic update happens. Yes, it is as simple as that.

  • There is also an alternate solution. In this, the agent first troubleshoots the issue at hand and then resolves it by documenting the issue and corrective procedure at the same time.

  • The same is the case with Problem management. When a team recognizes an issue, they document connected incidents and the resolution procedure.

Let’s look at KCS from another angle.

In the long run, experienced IT’ians cannot train or solve problems using memory and skills. They should transfer their knowledge out of their cerebroid dimension and into the paper. This could yield extensive documentation, data, and library build-ups. But the advantage is that new and inexperienced employees can be trained easily, systems users and employees can access data as and when needed.

KCS Benefits


Your enterprise gets:

  • Improved first-contact resolution by approximately 30–50%.
  • New analysts reach competency 70% faster.
  • 20–35% improvement in team member retention, which is great for the company profile.
  • 20–40% improvement in team member satisfaction, which means high productivity.
  • 10% decrease in issues/support requests.
  • KCS users improved time to resolution by 50–60%.

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