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Managing software is a complex subject. Project management software helps to formalize a set of structures that make sure your system is accessible and reusable in anytime period. The most common activities in asset management software processing are version changing, building, testing, packaging, configuring, installing, distributing, operating system auditing, and so on.

The Necessity of Project Management Software

  • There are many benefits of free project management software.
  • In a project, it provides clear roles and responsibilities to members.
  • It maintains the project consistency even if team members are changing.
  • You can make better planning and estimation of resources with a software asset management tool.
  • There is a possibility to cut reputation and organizational risk.
  • Maintain good engagement between user and developer communities.

Services of MIRAT Software Management

Software Management Tool

Being an organization, you must buy different tools used by many people in the organization. The MIRAT’s helps you maintain the entire system in your organization as follows.

  • MIRAT provides the details of how much total program are used in your Organization.
  • Checks whether all tools are licensed.
  • Detect how much-licensed program is kept idle so that you can reduce buying the same freeware.
  • Find the number of open-source operating systems used in your organization.
  • It detects any unauthorized or without a license, shareware used in your organization.
  • Informs you if more users are using the same program beyond the limit offered by the vendor.
  • Lists out each system using how many licensed and open-source operating systems.
  • The MIRAT application fully audits your program and gives the latest report.
  • With the help of MIRAT, the system operation in your organization is very accurate and well performed.
  • Reduce the operational cost of your tools using MIRAT’s IT asset management software.’s IT Infrastructure operations is Affordable & Easy to use! Get your Dashboard ready in only 5 minutes. Request for Trial/Demo now (or) Contact our Team Now.

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