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All Service Requests Can Be Handled Through One Centralized Self-Service Portal Requestors can use a single service portal for IT, HR, Admin, Facilities, and other operations across a business.

More Productivity in the Business

  • Using AI-powered knowing intelligence, MIRAT.ai can automatically resolve problems and service requests.
  • Experience with a 24-hour help desk
  • Webchat, Microsoft Teams, and other chatrooms are all supported by MIRAT.ai’s natural language conversational interface.
  • A Multi-Tenancy, Modern ITSM Solution Can Empower Your Users!
  • This makes it easier to support different customers or departments with a multi-tenant architecture. A multi-tenant SaaS provider may supply more improved customer experience and support, including debugging and problem resolution, by monitoring and administering only one platform instead of maintaining different technological stacks for each customer or department when assets and specifics from several sources can be viewed centrally in the MIRAT.ai application, efficiency increases.

Forms Can Be Created in Seconds without any Code!

Form templates provided by MIRAT.ai are well-designed, concise, and cover all important fields. Using the MIRAT.ai Form Designer, you can create custom forms by adding segments, tabs, and templates like text boxes, dates, checkboxes, and radio buttons to the forms you already have in your system. Each control has the ability to define advanced properties, and dropdown controls can define dependencies. You don’t need any coding expertise to develop forms with drag and drop functionality.

With Multi-Domain Capabilities, Expand Your Business- Triage live Poll module! 

Multi-tenant setups can coexist in the very same application thanks to the MIRAT.ai platform’s support for different domains. Large-cap portfolio firms can create the global domain. Using the platform, each of its subsidiary enterprises can be a part of it under their domains, with complete data and configuration isolation.

Informing Customers and Technicians via Automated Email and Text Messages

  • Automated notifications should be sent to the users to maintain them updated on the status of their tickets. Tickets are acknowledged, resolved, and closed with notifications.
  • An SLA has been breached or is likely to be violated; a ticket has been assigned; a ticket hasn’t yet been picked up, and many other scenarios.
  • Set up notification templates for various situations, including incidents, service requests, change requests, and more. Using these templates will make all messages uniform and standardized, reducing the likelihood of confusion and duplication.

Obtain and Analyze User Feedback Automatically

An automated questionnaire is sent out to a user when an issue is resolved. Managers can determine and monitor the performance of service desk functions using user input and pre-built CSAT reports.

Administrators can set up frequent surveys to collect data on various metrics to monitor the team’s performance. The software provides reports depending on the results of surveys. Managers can set the frequency of surveys based on their needs.

Capabilities that are fully integrated

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, MIRAT.ai’s IT asset management package is flexible. Data from IT service management, asset management, and operations management can all be accessed through a single interface, giving you complete control over your reporting and analytics capabilities.

Mirat.ai’s IT Infrastructure Management is Affordable & Easy to use! Get your Dashboard ready in only 5 Minutes. Request for Trial/Demo now (or) Contact our Team Now .

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