Have You Got Agitated Customers Queuing Up At Your Service Desk?


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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work in an environment free of tension? Unrealistic because stress is a part of everyday life, including the workplace. Try MIRAT.ai’s service desk tool to help you deal with not-so-happy customers!

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We’ll go over four different scenarios that can set off the alarms at your help desk ranging from the minor to the more critical. Discover which strategies help you control your anxiety and keep a level head.

Level 1: Let Go Of The Hand-holders At The Beginning Of This Level  

We’re fine, thanks to our pals. In the HR department, for example. Who does everyone in the company turn to when they have a general question? HR. Since your goal is to help your coworkers, even if some of their questions veer into the “When is the next national holiday?” category, this is often acceptable. In the event of widespread remote work (such as that occurring now owing to the epidemic), however, everything changes.

Email and Slack receive the same queries at their help desk from several sources. People appear to believe that the HR department is a go-to resource for any issue that arises. Additionally, replying to each individual request takes up a tremendous amount of time and energy. If only there was a single location where all of the information that employees require could be kept in one place. This is where MIRAT.ai’s service desk software eases all your troubles.


Our help desk provides a self-service portal with FAQs, supporting information, and any other bits of vital knowledge that your colleagues need.

Rapid response times can be achieved by utilizing such a help desksystem that has robust knowledge management features. Even if you have to answer the occasional inquiry, that’s preferable to being the go-to person for everything.

The implementation of a help desk with the assistance of the service desk software assists in supporting any department, not simply HR. Consider posting the answer to the problem to your help desksystem if it comes up again and again. Use a “solve and evolve” method to continually improve your knowledge management.

Level 2: Saying Farewell To Friends And Family (To Their Responsibilities)  

A company’s inability to avoid staff turnover is a given. Is it really as easy as it appears to quit a job? When one of your colleagues leave, all you want to do is review humorous memories, listen to their farewell speech, and head out for a few drinks. Returning the next day to see that your laptop has not been returned raises a question in your mind.

You immediately make the rounds to see if anyone can help you. Your main issue is that you have no idea where your laptop is, but that isn’t the most pressing one. It’s important to know whether or not your ex-worker can still access all corporate documents. The sooner you address this, the better. ITIL for service desk resolves such issue.


The onboarding procedure in most firms is perfect. New hires are frequently greeted at the front desk with a beverage and a small goodie bag. New employees are shown about the office by their manager or team leader, who introduces them to their new coworkers.

Is there a clear procedure in place for when an employee leaves?

Treat your departing employees with the same level of respect and consideration that you do your new hires. Be sure to set up an exit interview to get feedback about your department or the organization as a whole. Check your employee’s laptops, keyboards, locker keys, and everything else that belongs to the company is returned before he or she departs the company.

An offboarding checklist can be created through the help desk that includes all of the most crucial actions. You’ll be able to see right away whether there are any holes in your workflow that need to be addressed with the service desk tool.

Level 3: The Dam Has Failed And Spilled Its Contents  

You’ve set up a terrific help desk system, and it’s working perfectly. Ticket requests are submitted by employees, and your team works tirelessly to respond to them. But one day, all of this is over. The harsh sound of a phone ringing disturbs your team’s tranquility.

You gingerly pick it up, only to be met by a barrage of cries on the other end. A high-ranking manager has an urgent issue to address before a vital meeting.

You agree, despite your better judgment, to deal with the problem right away – only for the sake of getting it resolved. Unfortunately, things are going to get a lot more hectic at your help desk. People in the company now believe that the only way to get a problem resolved fast is to call the help desk because of your hospitable manner. It’s hard to maintain any kind of order once the dam has burst. A service desk software can manage this problem smoothly.


How do you keep your staff happy and productive? By refusing to succumb. A well-oiled help desk is built on a solid foundation of effective incident management procedures with the assistance of service desk software.

By using incident management techniques of the service desk tool, your team will be able to deal with problems as they arise in a timely and cost-effective manner: tasks will be recorded, classified according to their severity and urgency, and then assigned to the most qualified team member. IT service management, when done correctly, allows you to maintain a high degree of service desk excellence over time. ITIL for service desk aids in the effective management of such difficulties.

Level 4: Data Breach  

Every company’s biggest nightmare is here. The average cost of a global data violation has risen to $3.92 million, making data transgression more than just a minor cause for concern. Organizations that experience data infractions face not just financial losses but also damage to their reputation and the possibility of legal action.

Your company has made cybersecurity a primary focus in recent years, with regular updates to its security procedures. There has been a security breach, and no one knows how to fix it. You’ve got a never-ending stream of calls to your service desk from employees who are unsure what they can do or can’t do and what will happen next. It’s a total mess.

It’s up to you to remind your staff that if they feel something is amiss, they should always come to you. They could have clicked on a shady link in an email, allowed someone else to use their laptop, or lost a USB stick at a bar, among other possibilities.

Employees need to know that they won’t be publicly chastised or scolded if they think they’ve put the firm at risk of a data infringement, and they need to come forward asap, without fear of harsh consequences.

You must take immediate action to prevent data leak because time is of the essence. Make sure everyone knows that you are truly on their side if they are a victim of a phishing scam or something similar. IT service management helps during such incidents.

More and more people who work from home are becoming well-informed. Human error accounts for 90% of data breaches. Therefore you need to ensure that everyone in your organization is well-versed in cybersecurity best practices. Then how can you expect them to recognize that they’ve done anything wrong if they have no concept of cybersecurity?

Stress and anxiety are no longer concerning factors.  

Everyone should avoid panic at all costs. Please take some time to reflect on what we’ve written here in order to keep your service desk from going into meltdown.

ESM is the key to making all of your supporting departments panic-proof, didn’t you know? The key to a stress-free company is to make your employees even more effective at service desk management by working together.


1. What is Incident Management?  

It is an element of IT service management (ITSM) where the IT team works to restore service as rapidly as possible following a disruption.

2. Why is IT incident Management important?  

  • It is important to follow standard protocols and practices so that events can be handled in a timely and effective manner in IT service management

  • Improve the flow of information about incidents and their public visibility

  • Improve the perception of IT in the organization by utilizing a professional approach to address and report incidents as promptly as possible

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