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When it comes to running your business, your IT service management (ITSM) and security professionals play a key role. Furthermore, we recommend that future ITSM cybersecurity countermeasures be built around ITSM operations. Many companies have traditionally preferred to keep their ITSM departments separate from their security teams. It’s widely accepted that these two areas perform best when managed by different entities. IT threats, on the other hand, are emerging at an alarming rate, as recent events have demonstrated. There is, therefore a greater need for coordination between the main business teams.

Here Are The Most Important Cybersecurity Threats For 2021 For Those In ITSM Roles:

The Philosophy of Threat Modeling

Combating security threats necessitates an understanding of your company’s IT and business assets. Only useful items in your company will be targeted by hackers. As a result, instead of dispersing your security resources throughout the organization, focus on securing a small number of critical assets. The ability to search for threats at specific points in the company will also be available to you. “The threat modeling philosophy” is the name of this process, and it will be crucial in the fight against cyberthreats in 2021.

In 2021, security experts are expected to close all gaps in the security process for small and medium businesses, and threat modeling philosophy will become mainstream. In order to help organizations better understand the ITSM cybersecurity threat landscape, this initiative was launched. Companies can also use it to prioritize security purchases on a company-wide basis. Businesses will be able to quickly assess their internal security threats and purchase the necessary defenses.

Security Solutions Based on Artificial Intelligence

Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus around the world, remote working has become more popular. As a result, businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Response to these threats by ITSM personnel must be swift and comprehensive. To do this, you must know who is connected to your network at any given time.

In order to combat ITSM cybersecurity threats in 2021, you’ll need to use AI-based models. The activities of your employees can be analyzed using AI models to establish a baseline. They will notify your surveillance and/or ITSM staff if they see anything suspicious. Detection of cyber infiltrations is made simpler for IT personnel as a result of this.

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More Laws Protecting Personal Data are on the Horizon

Many countries in 2020 introduced a surprising number of data privacy bills. Almost all of these bills have been put on hold because governments are battling to keep the pandemic at arm’s length. Legislators, on the other hand, plan to return to these bills in 2021. To be prepared for cybersecurity threats in 2021, ITSM staff should have been on the lookout for new any changes in customer data protection.

Bills dealing with how companies collect and use exceptional consumer information, including biometrics and facial recognition features, are the most common. According to the Privacy Protection Rights Act, online businesses are not allowed to analyze customer data. Also included in this bill is a section on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms used in the decision-making infrastructure of businesses. It will be difficult for your corporation to collect and also use customer information without acting illegally if you don’t understand the implications of the new legislation.

Risks Associated With Automation

There’s no denying that in the coming decade, automation will be king. The bad news is that cybercriminals should also be using mechanization to create more sophisticated viruses, types of malware, and ransomware. Before you connect your ITSM processes to security protocols, automate them as much as possible.

A more efficient security apparatus can be created by integrating ITSM protocols into it. IT Service Management will not be compromised as a result of the addition of ITSM to your security system.

Catalogs of Products and Services

Advanced security threats can’t be combated with service catalogs, as you’ll see. However, you should not dismiss service catalogs just yet because they can give you a fresh look at your security response. Your employees will have a better platform from which to view the company’s assets and services. They will immediately notify IT security if they discover a questionable service or asset. As a result, service catalogs boost sales.

Collaboration between protection and IT service management teams is facilitated by service catalogs. This kind of collaboration is essential if new security threats are to be quickly identified.

The Security Threat Landscape in 2021

By 2021, it’s likely that the cyber-threat landscape will have shifted. Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to compromise your company, so ITSM professionals need to be on the ball at all times. As a result, you need to know about the top 2021 ITSM cybersecurity trends. The same is true for your ITSM staff, which must be trained on the advantages of working with the cyber threat team to identify evolving cyberthreats in 2021 and later. As a result, your company will be protected from future technology failure.

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