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Let’s take a quick look at Information Technology asset management (ITAM) before getting personal with cybersecurity AM.

Financial, inventory, regulatory, and lifecycle administration as part of a software asset management system. As long as the gadget or cloud security is used for business, it counts as an IT asset or ITA. Also, it aids in maximizing the assets’ monetary value for the company.

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In ITAM programs, the following features are essential:

  1. Take a complete inventory of all of your technology, software, and networking devices and report on it
  2. Maintaining correct software licenses is the responsibility of the license administration.
  3. Decision-making over which ITA should really be retired and how their software licenses should be managed as well as keeping an eye on the inventory are all parts of lifecycle operations.

IF THE STANDARD DEFINITION IS FOLLOWED, the IT and software support teams would be solely responsible for Information Technology asset management.

Data collection and comprehending what software is operating on each ITA, on the other hand, is vital and is at the heart of cybersecurity.

Because it’s important to cybersecurity, we put together cyberwarfare & hardware asset management as shown below:

obtaining information about ITA from any source and compiling it

Reconciling the information to produce an overview of all ITA and what’s on them

constantly verifying that all ITA adhere to the security policy as a whole

Creating automated, triggered responses if ITA deviates from the security rules.

A successful cyber project and decision can only be driven by cybersecurity asset management, also known as modern ITA management.

Examples of Cybersecurity Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management and cybercrime are intertwined hence we should explore strategies to improve fundamental security operations.

  • Endpoint protection can assist you in discovering assets without an endpoint agent or identifying those who have the correct agent installed but aren’t functioning.
  • To discover assets not even being examined by a vulnerabilities assessment tool, vulnerability management helps.
  • To detect cloud instances that aren’t being checked for vulnerabilities, are set incorrectly, or don’t meet industry standards like the CIS Foundations Benchmarks, cloud security software can aid in this process.
  • Utilizes numerous data sources to expedite incident response operations investigations and cleanup by utilizing richer, connected data on the ITA.
  • It helps discover ITA that no longer adheres to your company’s overall security policy through continuous control monitoring.
  • Enforcing security policies: This assists you in dealing with ITA that does not comply with your security standards automatically.

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