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Incident Management

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Mirat.ai’s Incident Management module is designed to provide Great Service Experiences without the Complexity of Traditional ITSM Solutions. With us, your ITSM is will be accelerated and workflows will be streamlined with control over the occurrence and a timely incident response plan. Designed for New-Teams and small enterprises who are finding ways to map their services, products, and users.

In an ITSM system, a series of are tasks performed to resolve critical issues and restore the functionality to its normalcy in a workable time interval. Our software understands that it is one of the most critical processes for an organization as it could deeply affect the business if not resolved the quickest. Our Incident report software will provide the best solution for these issues.

So, basically, it involves realizing the complexity of the problem, tasks performed and the amount of time taken to meet SLA (Service level agreement). SLA is an agreement between two organizations that define the quality and response times. An appropriate incident response plan assists in the same. Incidents are majorly classified into three types:

1) Major incidents

2) Repetitive incidents

3) Complex incidents.

Using our Incident Management tools, your organization can resolve issues in the below parameters:-


Name, date, and time, a short description of the problem, and a tracking number


Our automated Incident Management tools classify the problem based on its type, severity, and recurrence.


Prioritization of an issue majorly depends on SLA, other ongoing issues, and the severity of the difficulty.


Most of the issues are recurring ones that have an immediate solution. In cases where there isn’t a solution readily available or the time to resolve is less, the difficulty is escalated. The ongoing diagnosis is conveyed to the concerned party on a timely basis.

5.Resolution and closure

Once the problem has been resolved, the concerned party is contacted to verify the normalcy. Once satisfied with the performance, the problem is closed and updated in the log for future references.

Our Incident report software streamlines the tracking of injuries and illnesses, as well as occupational safety protocols pertaining to environmental and property management tasks. Improved data gathering methods enable successful compliance, risk management, and operational workflows while keeping workers safe and morale high. Take the demo serviced on our website for better compatibility.

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