Want To Continue The Cybersecurity Drill But Don’t Know How? You Should Adapt The Three Ways Mentioned By Mirat!

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It seems as if a major IT breach is making headlines virtually every day due to the increased frequency of cyber-attacks. Black hoodies are always on the watcher for security imperfections in IT operations, software, and hardware in today’s world. Because of this, your organization’s defence activities must be continual as well. This article outlines three things MIRAT wants you to know and practise regularly to stay on track.

Loop in new threat information-

Practise threat intelligence: Gather information about potential attacks!

In order to better understand a cyber criminal’s motivations, targets, and attack patterns, threat intelligence gathers data, processes it, and analyses it. Due to threat information, we can make data-backed security decisions more quickly and effectively and combat cybercriminals. Cyber threat intelligence aims to provide enterprises with a comprehensive awareness of the vulnerabilities to their infrastructure and a strategy for safeguarding their operations from these attacks.

How does threat intelligence play a critical role? 

Once a cyber threat analysis has been completed, the information gathered is known as cyber threat intelligence. A collection of facts that can be put to good use in the fight against various dangers. Threat intelligence eliminates the need to approve or reject access by hand, track harmful attacks, and keep a log of previously recognized threats. Any network in the world can instantly block a file that has been detected as harmful.

Patch Your Software and Learn About Patching

A patch is a piece of software that adds new functionality by patching in new code. Patches are usually added to existing versions of software. Patches are frequently short-term fixes that are applied to the software before a new version being released. Using patches is a great way to keep your programme up-to-date while fixing bugs, installing new drives, and addressing new security risks.

MIRAT has been proven to reduce 80% of your operational expenses, 20% of outage costs and increases team productivity by 60% and efficiencies by 30%. You can now get your ROI in just 6 months!

Why managing patches is quite important?

Many firms have difficulty with patch management, which leads to a large number of security breaches every day. In order to lower your organization’s security risk, you should use patch management to correct any software or application vulnerabilities that are open to cyber-attacks. This benefit is that your software and programmes will always be functioning at their optimal performance level. Feature and functionality updates can be included in patch management in addition to bug fixes.

Use a SIEM to keep tabs on activity.

Software that assists in detecting cyber security risks, malware, strange behaviour, and suspicious network traffic is known as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), ex: MIRAT. Thanks to the programme, users may get information about their security systems and a history of operations across their infrastructure, analytics of incidents in real-time and analyses of log and event data. The log data is subsequently gathered, analyzed, and a report is generated.


Like any other cybersecurity measure, MIRAT SIEM is only effective when implemented by people who know what they’re doing. A tool is only as productive as its reason of use! SIEM systems create a large number of false alarms, alerts, and false positives due to the nature of technology. As a result, genuine specialist analysts must evaluate all warnings. Responding to legitimate alarms necessitates extensive knowledge. In order to benefit from SIEM reporting, a timely and effective response must be planned and implemented. The detection of a threat is only useful if the person who has been informed of it knows how to deal with the problem that has been discovered! Contact us @MIRAT to know more. 

As long as you apply security patches on a regular basis, your environment will be better protected from security breaches. In the event that your company sells a product or service that entails clients using the company’s technology, you understand the significance of this—the method of repairing software flaws aids in the continuity of your systems.

The primary goal of MIRAT threat intelligence is to help organizations better comprehend what’s going on outside their network. The result is improved awareness of the cyber risks to their infrastructure that are most serious. Through cyber threat intelligence, organizations can search through vast danger databases, allowing them to improve the effectiveness of their defences. Security solutions should equal the threat intelligence information.  

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