What is Incident Task In ITSM’s Ticket Management System?

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Ticket Management software uses several tools to simplify and expedite the incident resolution process. For those wondering how does help desk ticketing works, the answer lies in the functions and tools provided by the IT help desk ticketing system management. To resolve incidents, tasks are created and allocated to various groups to accelerate the customer support ticketing system process.

Ticket management includes several functions such as Group Assigned, User Assigned, Group Owned, and User Owned, that assist in resolving incidents. In this article, we will understand these functions in detail.

Once the ticketing software generates an incident, this incident reassigns as a task to other users. Look at incidents as a parent and tasks as its children. Create any number of such functions and apportion the same to other groups, members in your or other groups. This process of resolution is useful in ticket management to resolve the incident quickly and save time. Finally, these incidents in the service desk ticketing system close only after the resolution of all such engagements of the incident.

Group Owned

In the ticketing system, the group-owned function provides the details of the group assigned incident and tasks of that incident assigned to other groups. The group-owned function in IT ticketing system assists in creating new tasks and assigns the tasks to the respective member, group and provides the status on the resolution of the task.

Once you click on the group-owned option, a page with a task console list is displayed. After selecting the check box option of a particular project, the Tools window is displayed where the user needs to assign the member, group, and status of the task.

User Owned

The user-owned function in a help desk ticketing system provides the details of the user-assigned incidents and tasks of that incident assigned to other groups or users. Similar to the group-owned function, the user-owned function assists in creating new tasks and assigns the tasks to the respective member, group and provides the status details of the project.

Group Assigned

The group assigned function in a customer service ticketing system provides the details of the concern assigned to your group. In case you wish to update the trouble assigned to your family, the group allocate function assists the same. Through this function provided by the help desk ticketing software, update the member and status of the task and provide a brief description of the task and add notes for reference.

User Assigned

The user assigned function in a customer ticketing system provides details of the topic assigned to you. Being a user, you will receive the case assigned by other users. Similar to the group-assigned function, the user-assigned function assists in updating the details of the member and the status of the task. Also, provide a brief description and add notes related to the task.

MIRAT help desk software is one of the best ticketing systems that provide these user-friendly functions and tools and more. This ticket management software, not just simplifies but also organizes the incidents in a manner that is best suited to assist the user in resolving the incidents quickly. To understand more about MIRAT’s tools, request a demo of the software now!

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