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Generally, we learn that there are two types of services available, IT Help tool and IT Service tool in most of the sectors especially IT. There is confusion among desk engineers whether these two Admin service tools are the same or separate. It is a topic which is continuously having different answers, interpretations, and views. The difference between the IT Help tool and IT Service tool is often based on how companies interpret these two and more specifically using ITIL guidelines.

The IT Help Desk for help desk engineers is more tactical with the primary task being to help quickly resolve end users’ urgent needs, technical issues, and incidents. Whereas, the IT Service function for service desk engineers is a broader concept that is more strategic and cross-organizational. It focuses on the business needs of help desk engineers rather than users’ needs. Of course, there are no specific rules that companies should have both these Admin tools.

How the Admin Tools Help to IT Sectors

  • The best advantage for desk engineers is cost-saving and scalability. These tools are properly staffed and well-managed in the routine work of IT
  • They add more value to the company by providing service desk engineers follow-the-sun support to global operations and user communities.
  • Provide valuable insight to desk engineers into user satisfaction, sentiment and provide full IT services.
  • These tools preemptively address all issues and IT Desk Engineer.
  • Work with SLAs and priority classification to different requests.
  • Helps IT help desk engineers to implement the best knowledge management system.
  • Provide real-time reports to desk engineers through dashboards.
  • Escalate to avoid missed SLAs.

Importance of MIRAT Admin Tool (Triage Live Poll)MIRAT Admin Tool (Triage Live Poll)

The Admin Tool that comes under the platform introduced by MIRAT is called Triage Live Poll. The following are services of Triage Live Poll.

  • Web page enables anywhere access and centralized administration in a controlled way.
  • It mandates to use of Standard ID and Elevated ID’s and mitigates human mistakes as it restricts direct login to the production systems.
  • MIRAT empowers desk engineers withengineering capability and speeds up the resolution.
  • Minimize the duplicate efforts to develop similar kinds of scripts within the organization as other team members or teams not aware of what you developed locally within your team.
  • You can access through MIRAT other OS like Windows, Linux, databases like MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and any other networking.
  • You can access multiple servers in the operating system/database and get a live status.

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