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Threat and Vulnerability management is a key aspect in any sector, especially in IT. It is critical to know about it to prevent hazardous consequences in the organization. One way, it is a challenge to a company’s IT as there is a huge communication flow on a day-to-day basis.

Given the above, most companies focus their attention on safeguarding the IT infrastructure using the available tools in the market.

Threat deals with risks. The threat is applicable in different environments as part of and can be carried out throughout the service lifecycle and is not limited to a certain phase of the service lifecycle.

If there is a threat, first it must be identified, analyzed, and then managed. Vulnerability management services assist in the same. A Threat is like having open ports in your server due to running unnecessary services. Sometimes these open ports can be a source of entry for attackers. Another example, with Mirat ai’s vulnerability management tool you can find unnecessary or old software lying in servers which are affecting on work efficiency of the systems.

MIRAT Threat and Vulnerability Management Services:

MIRAT has the most scalable, extensible, and customizable on-premise solution for Threat and Vulnerability management software.

● Our vulnerability management services organize all your assets depending on their role in your organization.

● All your systems are scanned deeply, accurately, efficiently to check vulnerabilities.

● Provide analytics reports to identify and prioritize risks.

● Diagnosis vulnerability for a period, generate and assign tickets, manage implementations and executions.

● It provides a comprehensive report to IT, business executives, and auditors.

● Scan the LDAP, RSHD Services, SAMBA, TELNET, and TFTP.

● It also scans USB, XINETD, YPSERV, SSHD protocol.

● It detects if any intruders ping your IP address.

● Get a comprehensive report on the software used in systems. The report is useful to streamline software in the organization.

Mirat.ai provides a comprehensive report and gives an all-around solution. Get your Dashboard ready in only 5 minutes. Request for presentation download brochure or to know more about MIRAT’s vulnerability management software Request for Trial/Demo now (or) Contact our Team Now.

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