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Vulnerability Management

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In vulnerability management there is a continual process of testing, reporting, response, and triage. The security of the assets is an ongoing process. Security is mostly applicable in vulnerability assessments. In day-to-day work, most companies think about susceptibility. The security is mainly changing based on your network and IT infrastructure. From time to time, there is a constant process in any organization that installs new hardware, hires new people, updating the policies and regulations. There constantly changing aspect is the threat landscape. There are lots of threats in and around. Hence, vulnerability management is an ongoing process to prevent all these risks to the IT infrastructure. There are different types of vulnerability assessments like network-based scan, host-based scan, wireless network scan, application scan, and database scan.

The Process of Vulnerability Management

The primary form of susceptibility is asset discovery. You should know what is deployed in your network. There should be organized reports, regulations, and compliance standards. You need to categorize the risk responses as you can remediate, mitigate or accept. You need effective vulnerability management tracking tools which depend upon your mindset and attitude. Generally, everything has susceptibilities. The best selection of tools in the market prevents susceptibilities in your organization. MIRAT is the best suited to your organization to resolve all susceptibility assessment issues.

Process of Vulnerability Management

About MIRAT Vulnerability Management Tool

  • Revolutionizes all your security needs in the most scalable and extensible way.
  • Provides instant spot reports on vulnerability.
  • Priorities and identifies the risks using MIRAT propriety analysis.
  • Tracks all susceptibility for a period and tries to oversee implementations and executions.
  • Generates comprehensive reports in documents for auditors.

MIRAT does vulnerability assessment scanning like IP Forward Scan, detection of LDAP, RSHD services, SAMBA, TCP wrappers, Telnet services, TFTP service, USB, XINETD, YPSERV, and scan Account Inactive, Permit root login, SELinux status, SSHD protocol, and unnecessary assets.

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